Workshop Participants

Workshop Conveners

Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College, Online Discussions in an Environmental Geology Course; Geology and the Environment
William Hirt, College of the Siskiyous, Characterizing Plate Boundaries; Geology of the National Parks
Cathryn Manduca, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Invited Speaker

Margaret Brooks, Chair and Professor of Economics, Bridgewater State College

Workshop Participants

Sean Cornell , Geography-Earth Science , Shippensburg University, Establishing relevance as a way to motivate introductory students
Selby Cull , Earth & Planetary Sciences Department , Washington University in St. Louis, Timeline of the Early Earth
Meredith Denton-Hedrick , Department of Physical Sciences, Austin Community College, Natural Hazards and Disasters
Kelly Dilliard , Physical Science and Mathematics , Wayne State College, Introduction to Geology
Timothy Heaton , Earth Sciences , University of South Dakota, The Evolution/Creation Debate
Ann Holmes , Physics, Geology & Astronomy , University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, Online Physical Geology for Educators
Mel Huff , Physical Science , NEO A and M College, Igneous Rock Identification
Michelle Kinzel , School of Business, Computer Studies and Technology , San Diego Mesa College, Introduction to Remote Sensing
Jennifer Latimer , Earth and Environmental Systems, Indiana State University, Introduction to Environmental Science
Shelley Olds , Education and Outreach, UNAVCO, Reading Time Series Plots
Ignacio Pujana , Geosciences Department , University of Texas at Dallas, Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Aurora Pun , Earth and Planetary Sciences , University of New Mexico, Isostasy: Exploring why continents are high and ocean floors are low
Donald Reed , Geology , San Jose State University, General Oceanography, NanTroSEIZE in 3-D
Eliza Richardson , Geosciences , Penn State University, Is the New Madrid Seismic Zone at risk for a large earthquake?
Kristin Riker-Coleman , Natural Sciences , University of Wisconsin Superior, The Dynamic Earth
Sheila Roberts , Geology , Bowling Green State University, Coastal Erosion Online Discussion; Introduction to Geology
Perry Samson , Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences , University of Michigan, Extreme Weather, What's Wrong with this Picture?
Eleanour Snow , Geosciences , University of South Florida, Introduction to Oceanography