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Introduction to Remote Sensing part of Online Courses
MICHELLE KINZEL, Southwestern College
This course introduces students to the basics of remote sensing, characteristics of remote sensors, and remote sensing applications in academic disciplines and professional industries. Emphasis is placed on image ...

Introduction to Geology part of Online Courses
Kelly Dilliard, Wayne State College
Physical Geology Online is a traditional introductory course covering minerals and rocks, interior processes, geologic time, and earth surface processes. Online lecture notes and weekly labs give the course a ...

Introduction to Oceanography part of Online Courses
Eleanour Snow, University of South Florida
This is an online, introductory course in Oceanography, introducing physical, geological, chemical, and biological Oceanography to general education students. Students read the text book and take quizzes. Each week ...

Introduction to Environmental Science part of Online Courses
Jennifer Latimer, Indiana State University
This is our departmental service/intro general education course. The course introduces students to concepts and ideas related to environmental science, focusing on concepts such as biodiversity, carrying capacity, ...

The Dynamic Earth (Physical Geology) part of Online Courses
Kristin Riker-Coleman, University of Wisconsin-Superior
Students are introduced to the basic materials of the Earth and the processes that shape them/it. The course covers plate tectonics (including volcanic activities and earthquakes) as well as more the more surficial ...

Online Physical Geology for Educators 710 (graduate level) part of Online Courses
Ann Holmes, The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Graduate level Physical Geology for Educators Course description: Earth's internal structure, plate tectonics, the rock cycle, weathering and earth materials, natural resources, geochemical cycles and the ...

Extreme Weather part of Online Courses
Perry Samson, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
This course provides an introduction to the physics of extreme weather events. We examine solar eruptions, ice ages, climate change, monsoons, El Niño, hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves, thunderstorms, ...

Earthquakes and Volcanoes part of Online Courses
Ignacio Pujana, The University of Texas at Dallas
This is an interdisciplinary science course offered in an online format. A flexible approach based on programmed self-instruction, with frequent tests to monitor progress, substitutes for the usual lecture with ...

The Evolution/Creation Debate part of Online Courses
Tim Heaton, University of South Dakota
In this course students are exposed to the modern scientific theories of the earth and life and to the diverse brands of Christian creationism and how they measure up to scientific analysis. Students explore these ...

Introduction to Geology part of Online Courses
Sheila Roberts, Bowling Green State University-Main Campus
The earth; physical and historical geology; including economic, social and environmental aspects. Not open to geology majors and minors. Credit allowed for no more than one: GEOL 1000, GEOL 1010, GEOL 1040. ...

Natural Hazards and Disasters part of Online Courses
Meredith Denton-Hedrick, Austin Community College
This course provides a survey of earth sciences through an examination of natural hazards. Consumers, voters, and decision-makers need to understand the impact of these hazards, how the hazards are changing due to ...

Geology of the National Parks part of Online Courses
Bill Hirt, College of the Siskiyous
Geology of the National Parks uses global tectonics as a framework to help students to learn about the processes that are shaping Earth today by exploring the landscapes of parklands situated in a variety of plate ...

Geology and the Environment part of Online Courses
Karin Kirk, Freelance Science Writer and Geoscientist
This online course covers the basic elements of environmental geology including natural hazards, land use, resource use and climate change. The course is taught asynchronously and has 7 modules, each lasting 1-3 ...

General Oceanography part of Online Courses
Donald Reed, San Jose State University
This course focuses on the scientific examination of the impact of the oceans on global society, and human impacts on the oceans, through web-based exercises, bulletin board discussions, and field studies of local ...