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Some years ago Ben van der Pluijm and I set about to create an alternative to clickers for the geosciences. While Ben got called away to do Provost's work I persevered and created LectureTools, which offers a far greater variety of question types (like image-based and free response) that are great to use in class (plus a bevy of other tools designed to increase student engagement and learning).

My presentation on Thursday (at 11:00 CDT) will illustrate how Ben and I (and instructors at over 700 colleges and universities) use LectureTools in class. In preparation for this please create a student account as follows so you can play along:

1. Go to https://www.lecturetools.com/user/pickSchool

2. STEP 1a => Enter special 'zip code' = "LECT"
STEP 1b => Select "LectureTools University" from drop-down menu
STEP 2 => Click "Proceed"

3. STEP 3 => Click Calendar Term "Summer"
Choose course "LectureTools 101"
STEP 4 => Enter your data BUT USE A BOGUS EMAIL ACCOUNT (i.e not your normal e-mail address as you're allowed one account per e-mail and you may want to attach your real e-mail to the account you'll use at your institution)

4. On subsequent page pick "LectureTools 101."

5. Pick the lecture on June 24


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I have been using clickers in my class for a few years now. I am excited to see how this works.


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Very interesting, what I would like to know is if this can be implemented in other places and how much it costs?


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I want to be able to play with this as an instructor. Right now when I log in, all I can see is the lecture you posted.


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I too would like to know how to get set up as an instructor on LectureTools. This looks very powerful! In the discussion, someone said there is no fee for it, but on the website it looks like there's a fee for students?


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In your f2f classes, do students have to provide their own computers? At UNM, this would be a serious challenge, as many students do not have their own computers!


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