Perry Samson

Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences

Henry Ford Community College

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Exam #1 part of Metacognition:Activities
The first exam in a class holds an opportunity for metacognitive teaching. At this point the student is open to hearing your message, especially if their outcome is less than they had hoped. This example walks through some strategies for implementing metacognitive teaching wrapped around the first exam.

Course (1)

Extreme Weather part of Online Teaching:Online Courses
This course provides an introduction to the physics of extreme weather events. We examine solar eruptions, ice ages, climate change, monsoons, El NiƱo, hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves, thunderstorms, ...

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Forecasting Exam Scores Based on How Students Participate in Introductory Geoscience Courses part of Rendezvous 2015:Program:Abstracts
This presentation reports on research being conducted at the University of Michigan on 1) how student participation is related to student grades and 2) how students participate as a function of their incoming GPA. ...