Technical Information for the Workshop

Jump down to Screen Sharing with Yugma : Setting up Your SERC Account : Working on Your Profile Page : Participating in the Online Discussions : Filling out and Modifying an Activity Sheet : Short video showing how to do many of these things

Conference Call-in Number

For the synchronous parts of the program, dial the conference call number and use the access code ----- (this information has been removed after the workshop). This will allow you to hear the speaker during the presentations. After dialing in please use *6 to mute your phone unless you need to speak. Hitting *6 again will unmute your phone. For the visuals, see the section about screen sharing below.

Screen Sharing with Yugma

We'll be using software called Yugma for screen-sharing so that people can view the presentations. People that don't have Yugma installed (which is most everyone) should take a few moments to install Yugma and give it a test today if possible, or tomorrow. Here's how to do that:

1. Visit and click the lime green "launch diagnostic test" button in the right column. It will run a check of your machine. If you don't get a 'Yes' for all of the tests you should email Sean Fox unless...

2. If you are on Windows computer without an up-to-date version of Java you will get a 'no' on question 5. In this case you should go here: and download a version appropriate for your computer (most like the link labeled "Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 Online") and install that before proceeding.

3. (New clarification) Click here: ----- (this information has been removed after the workshop)
The first time you follow this URL you will see a screen where you can download and run the installer for Yugma. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

4. After that you should be able join a running session by going here: ----- (this information has been removed after the workshop)
Fill in your name and email under the join tab (which should be in the foreground) and hit the 'Join' button and be connected. The session # is ----.

To make sure everyone is up to speed we will set up a running session most of the day on Thursday and hopefully Friday too. Please do this Thursday if possible to verify you can view the screen here at SERC. You should test this from the same computer (connected to the same network) as you intend to use during the workshop.

Setting up Your SERC Account

1. First you'll need to create a SERC account.
Go here: and create an account with the same email address you used when you applied for the workshop.

2. Then return to that same URL and you should see a link to view your page. Click the red 'Edit' link to edit and follow the help that's available on-screen.

Working on Your Profile Page

On your personal page, you'll see your basic contact info, plus a photo if we could find one from your faculty web page. Feel free to change the photo and update your contact info.

Here is a link to the participants and profiles index page.

A quick way to edit your page is to go to the development version of the page. You can do this by changing the URL as follows: name here .html

Note that you only have permission to see the development version of your own page and you won't be able to see the development version of any other pages. Also, if you are not logged in you will be asked to do so along the way.

Once you are viewing the development version of your page, click the red 'edit' button in the upper right corner and you will go to the editing platform for the page.

Then add some new content by clicking in the area that already contains your contact information. We envision everyone's profile page will contain some biographical information, your initial thoughts about teaching hurricanes and climate change, and a space to add products that you develop during the workshop, such as a poster or a teaching activity.

For starters, please answer these questions:

  • Introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your background, teaching, and interests.
  • Do you already use an activity that relates to the connection between hurricanes and climate change? If so, describe it briefly.
  • During the course of the workshop, what type of teaching activity would you like to work on?
  • What course would your new teaching activity be used in?
  • Why are you interested in this approach?

We'd like this to be complete by the end of the day on Monday, Oct. 20 so that we can all review each others' pages on Tuesday morning.

Participating in the Online Discussions

You will need a SERC account to participate in the discussions. If you do not have an account yet, please visit to register. After that you may freely post and see others' posts.

Filling out and Modifying an Activity Sheet

Our goal is to have each of you complete an activity sheet for a new or an existing classroom activity about hurricanes and climate change. To get started, fill out the activity template form. Make sure to use the same email address that you used for applying for this workshop when you complete the form. After you submit the form you will be able to edit and modify the form via your SERC account. Login to your account and you should see a link to your activity page.

Note that there will be a delay between when you submit your activity through the online form and when you can reach it through your account. A human has to look at the submission, make sure it isn't spam, and initiate the conversion into a web page.

A 5 minute Screencast Showing how to Create an Account, Edit your Profile and Submit and Edit an Activity Sheet