Initial Publication Date: October 22, 2008

Author Checklist

"How do I know if I'm done?" You can use these statements and questions as a checklist to guide the self-review and determine the readiness of your page for peer review.

Audience and Purpose

  • At first glance the user is able to quickly determine the basic content of the site.
  • The purpose of the activity is clear and its objectives are clearly presented.
  • The content is easy to understand and appropriate for the faculty and graduate students.


  • There are no typographical or spelling errors.
  • The factual information or content of the page and associated files are accurate, complete and current.
  • Links to files or other sites are functional.
  • There is sufficient information to make the page worth visiting.
  • The concepts and principles are appropriately presented without confusing or missing information.
  • The activity name is brief but informative.
  • The activity will motivate faculty to read the page and consider adopting the activity.

Supportive information

  • Each graphic or linked file serves a clear purpose. (support content, quality, appeal)
  • The references and links for are credible.
  • There are no unsupported claims.
  • Information from personal experienced labeled as such.