Workshop Participants

Before the workshop, participants were asked to submit information about courses and activities that they use to teach geophysics at their institution. Click the links following each name to view these submissions.

Charles Ammon, Penn State University (course, activity 1, activity 2
Jennifer Anderson, Winona State University (course, activity)
Gregory S. Baker, University of Tennessee (course, activity)
Magali Billen, University of California-Davis (course, activity)
Stephen K. Boss, University of Arkansas (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Kevin Brewer, Olivet Nazarene University (course, activity)
Laurie Brown, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Devin Castendyk, State University of New York-Oneonta (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Elizabeth Cochran, University of California-Riverside (course, activity)
Constantin Cranganu, Brooklyn College (course, activity 1, activity 2)
John Dennis, University of Arkansas (course, activity)
Steve Dickman, Binghamton University (course, activity 1, activity 2)
John A. Dunbar, Baylor University (course, activity)
Susan Eriksson, UNAVCO (course, activity)
Horacio Ferriz, California State University-Stanislaus (course, activity)
Donald W. Forsyth, Brown University (activity 1, activity 2)
Andrew M. Goodliffe, Univerity of Alabama (activity)
Michael John Harris, James Madison University (course, activity)
Stephen J. Hill, Colorado School of Mines (course, activity)
Steven C. Jaume, College of Charleston (course, activity 1, activity 2)
George Roger Jiracek, San Diego State University (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Donna M. Jurdy, Northwestern University (course
Paul Kelso, Lake Superior State University (course, activity)
Peter Knoop, University of Michigan (course, activity)
Lawrence L. Malinconico, Lafayette College (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Bill Montgomery, New Jersey City University (course, activity1, activity 2)
Jeffrey A. Nunn, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Samuel T. Peavy, Georgia Southwestern State University (course, activity)
Susan E H Sakimoto, The University of Notre Dame (course, activity)
John W Stockwell Jr, Colorado School of Mines (course, activity)
John Taber, IRIS Consortium (course, activity)
Sarah Titus, Carleton College (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Remke L. Van Dam, Michigan State University (course, activity)
Shimon Wdowinski, University of Miami (course, activity)
Laura Reiser Wetzel, Eckerd College (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Scott White, University of South Carolina (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Bill Witte, University Alaska-Fairbanks (course, activity 1, activity 2, activity 3)

Workshop Conveners and Planning Team

Lawrence W. Braile, Purdue University (course, activity 1, activity 2)
Vince Cronin, Baylor University
John Geissman, University of New Mexico
Sarah Kruse, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Barbara Tewksbury, Hamilton College
Michael Wysession, Washington University (activity