Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University serves Michigan and the larger community as a doctoral/research intensive
public university focused on excellent teaching and student-focused learning. The
University is committed to providing a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs and
services to prepare its students for varied roles as responsible citizens and leaders in a democratic
and diverse society. Its programs encourage intellectual and moral growth, prepare students for
meaningful careers and professions, instill the values of lifelong learning, and encourage civic
responsibility, public service and understanding among social groups in a global society.
The university emphasizes an undergraduate program that maintains a balance between general
education and specialization. In addition to educational depth in at least one academic discipline
or professional field, the university provides educational experiences in the arts, humanities, natural
and social sciences, global cultures, and issues of race and diversity. The university offers selected
high quality graduate programs in traditional disciplines and professional fields. Through its
College of Extended Learning, the university provides access to higher education programs and
lifelong learning opportunities both nationally and internationally through a variety of innovative
instructional methods and schedules designed to meet the demands of adult populations.
Central Michigan University encourages research, scholarship and creative activity and promotes
the scholarly pursuit and dissemination of new knowledge, artistic production and applied research.
Through its support of research, the university enhances the learning opportunities of both its
undergraduate and graduate students and promotes economic, cultural and social development.
The university�s sense of community is reflected through governance structures that allow broadbased
participation, opportunities for close student-faculty interaction, and a rich array of residential
and campus-based co-curricular activities. Through its partnerships and outreach efforts, the
university promotes learning outsideof the traditional classroom and enhances the general welfare
of society.

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