End of Workshop Survey

Purpose: Please reflect on this workshop and let us know what worked and what needs improvement. Your input is valuable to us as we plan future workshops.

Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. We would like you to write your name below. This will improve our ability to evaluate the program by allowing us to link information about your workshop experience to your responses to other evaluation instruments. The evaluator will only use your name to make this linkage. The site staff member assigned to this workshop will remove any name in association with this response and will then share verbatim comments from all responses with the workshop convener(s). The project leaders will not see your name.

Please keep in mind that this form must be completed in a single session because leaving the page erases the data. It is also not possible to submit a partially completed form and return to it. You may find it easier to draft your answers in a separate document and copy and paste them into this form.

I believe the goals of the workshop as stated were met:

Please comment on any of your ratings, particularly if you disagreed with any item (rated any below 3).

In what ways and to what extent do you interact with this community?