Earth System Science, Jackson State University

Information for this profile comes from an interview with Quinton Williams, Professor of Physics and former Department Chair, the department website, and a JGE article published in February, 2013. Students in this program are pursuing a B.S. degree.

Program Design & Assessment


The B.S. in Earth System Science is the only degree program of its kind in Mississippi and the adjacent states. The program is housed in the Department of Physics, Atmospheric Science, and Geosciences.

Types of students served

JSU is a Historically Black University and the student body is predominantly African-American. The degree program is fairly new and enrollment is small (~10 in fall 2013) but so far the percentage of caucasian students in the program is higher than the other degrees in the department.

Program Goals

The Bachelor of Science in Earth System Science prepares students for geoscience careers and graduate study in related fields. Graduates of the Earth System Science program are prepared to work in a wide range of areas such as global change, natural resource exploration and environmental science.

Alumni Careers

Graduation rate

The ESS degree program was established in 2007 and the first few students to graduate did so in 2011. In the fall of 2013, there are approximately 10 students in the program.

Careers pursued by our alumni

The B.S. in Earth System Science degree prepares students to attack problems that are related to the Earth and its environment and resources. The degree is structured so that students also have other career options. Alternative course plans have been developed fro students interested in medical school, civil engineering, and business administration.

Courses and Sequencing

Diagram of course sequencing and requirements

Supporting Materials

2011-13 JSU Undergraduate Catalog