Welcome to the 2006 online workshop Designing Effective and Innovative Courses in the Geosciences

In this four-day workshop, we will be using the new Cutting Edge Online Course Design Tutorial. While the tutorial is designed for someone to complete on his/her own, our online workshop provides an opportunity for you to join a community for discussion and feedback as you work through the tutorial.

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Participation requirements

As a registered participant in the workshop, you will be required to post assignments via the workshop email list, provide feedback via the email list to other participants, and participate in threaded online discussions on topics of interest to you and the other participants.

The on-line workshop email list

We will use a workshop email list (limited to workshop participants) for posting assignments and for communicating among participants. The workshop email list will be active beginning at the start of the workshop, and we will post instructions here for access.

The course design discussion forum

We will also have an online discussion forum where we can have threaded discussions on particular topics. At several times in the workshop, we will ask you to begin a discussion thread, but you will be able to start a discussion thread any time you like.

Individual consultations

The leaders for the online course design workshop are available during the online workshop for individual consultations either by e-mail or phone. If you would like to consult with one of us, please send an e-mail to the appropriate person at the address below. If you would like a phone consultation, please send an e-mail to arrange a time and a phone number.

Comments or suggestions

If something is not working for you, or if you have a suggestion for how to make the on-line workshop function better, please send an e-mail to Barb Tewksbury.

Tutorial Table of Contents :: Assignments :: Email List Archive :: Discussion Forum

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