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Workshop technical issues  

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to start this thread in case you wanted to let me know of any technical issues you're having that I can help you with. I'll sign myself up for notifications of new posts (though you may want to email me directly in order to get a faster response at mbruckne@carleton.edu; notifications of new posts only come in at the very beginning of the day).

I figured this might help if folks were having similar problems though.



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No problems to speak of!


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I'm thinking of building a field trip activity. Can i create a second activity through the same "Contribute" page or will it replace my first?


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You can submit as many activities as you'd like with the contribute form - they won't replace anything. If it's a field trip activity not strongly tied to climate data/models, you can also use a contribute form from another module, like teaching in the field ( http://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/field/workshop10/activity_submit.html ) - but if it is tied to both, you can use the activity contribute form that you used before and I can tag it as being a field trip (so it shows up in the field trip browses too). Good question!


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I tried to upload a word document (the student activity with instructor notes) to the activity page, but I don't see it anywhere on my activity page. Should it show up there, or is it elsewhere? (Or is it there and I'm just missing it?) Any assistance is appreciated.


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Howdy everyone,
I answered this one for her through email - but if others are having trouble with this too, I can explain here.

Basically, once you upload your file, a box will pop up that says upload successful and will give you a tag to put into the page that looks something like [file 1234] or [image 1234] (where "1234 corresponds to the ID number SERC assigned to your uploaded file). You'll want to place this tag in your page under the header where it belongs. The default behavior is for the system to make the text link to your file the name you specified when uploading to the site, but you can change this by adding a bit extra to the tab-- [file 1234 'Handout'] will make the link to this file say "handout," for instance.

If you missed the upload successful box and are looking for your file, it should be listed with its ID number beneath it in the green box on the right side of the page (under the button you press to upload a file).

I hope this helps!


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