Activity Review Small Groups

You will meet in small groups on Monday morning to review activities contributed by other members of your small group. You can find all activities contributed to the workshop on the Participant page. Please familiarize yourself with activities contributed by other members in your small group before you meet with them on Monday morning (9:30 Pacific | 10:30 Mountain | 11:30 Central 12:30 Eastern). You will meet with your small groups at this time using the conference call number and access code listed below.

You may find this activity review sheet helpful when reviewing your own and others' activities.

Group 1: Fadem, Herrmann, Cook **GROUP 4 STARTS HERE**

Group 2: Gordon, Kaspari, Laabs **GROUP 1 STARTS HERE**

Group 3: DeLong, Archer, Rojas, Pierce **GROUP 2 STARTS HERE**

Group 4: Triplett, Cardace, Sinton, Davies **GROUP 3 STARTS HERE**