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Teaching the nature of science and climate system complexity  

How can climate models help us teach about the scientific process or the nature of science? How can we best utilize visualizations to support students' understanding of climate system complexity?


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What are existing web-interface models that students can use to compare and contrast model predictions? I know there must be some good accessible models out there, perhaps with more variables to manipulate--where are they?


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There seem to be several levels at which to intersect teaching models- very basic (in-out intro), black box types- I liked the University of Maine site ecm.um.maine.edu/, but I don't think this helps students understand what is happening in the "black box" as much as designing for themselves.

Hard to find a platform students can use and is sophisticated enough to keep their interest without being overwhelming.

Higher level construction of models with multiple variables- these are most challenging to build and to teach. This is an interesting site teaching use of excel for modeling specifically climate data



This is probably more involved than most people want to get and requires students to have a working knowledge of statistics.


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