Initial Publication Date: June 29, 2012

Workshop Reflection: What Did We Learn?

  • Variety of resource on the SERC website (woo hoo from Monica)
  • thinking through what you need to do (teaching/research plans)
  • being mindful of decisions, but knowing it's okay to change directions
  • consistent lesson structure is useful for student learning
  • developing better strategies for effective teaching and learning
  • designing classes and courses
  • 2YCs are a great option too
  • know more about 2YC and other institutions, even if you aren't necessarily interested in that career path for yourself; helpful for informing interested students too
  • importance of incorporating students into your research across different institution types
  • Bloom's Taxonomy and learning objectives and how to integrate them (woo hoo from David)
  • meeting new people at the same point in their career and that they have similar challenges or have similar questions
  • better idea of what 'the other side of the table' is looking for (expectations from the hiring committee)
  • what's ahead/what to expect and how to get there
  • firming up what it takes to be successful at different institutions/environment at different institutions
  • how to be a successful faculty member

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