Clicking on the names of the workshop leaders will take you to pages with their answers to questions about their careers.

Co-conveners, Leaders and Facilitators

Heather Macdonald, College of William and Mary
Robyn Wright Dunbar, Stanford University

Eliot Atekwana, Department of Geology, Oklahoma State University (read about Eliot and Estella Atekwana's dual career job search)
Kurt Friehauf, Department of Physical Sciences, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Furlong, Career Services, University of Pennsylvania
Ellen Martin, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida
Kirsten Menking, Department of Earth Science and Geography, Vassar College
Wayne Powell, Department of Geology, Brooklyn College
John Snow, Dean of the College of Atmospheric and Geographical Sciences, University of Oklahoma
David Steer, Department of Geology and Environmental Science, University of Akron
Al Trujillo, Department of Earth, Space & Aviation Sciences, Palomar College

Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Carol Ormand Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College


Omowumi Alabi, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Reda Amer, Saint Louis University
Sikiru Amidu, Baylor University
William Andrews, University of Oklahoma
Sean Arms, Univerisity of Oklahoma
Miriam Barquero-Molina, University of Texas at Austin
Diane Bennett, University of Connecticut
Joe Casola, University of Washington
Patricia Castellanos, University of Maryland College Park
Sung-Joon Chang, Northwestern University
Karletta Chief, Desert Research Institute
Wilhelmina Clavano, University of Alberta
Lisa Collins, University of Southern California
Jackie Denson, University of Arkansas
Todd Ellis, Colorado State University
Vasile Ersek, Oregon State University
Vanessa Espejel-Garcia, University of Texas at El Paso
Zuber Farooqui, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Jeremy Gibbs, University of Oklahoma
Kevin Goebbert, University of Oklahoma
Steven Goldsmith, The Ohio State University
Christopher Holl, Northwestern University
Larry Hopper, Texas A&M University
Jana Houser, University of Oklahoma
Douglas Howard, George Mason University
Deborah Huntzinger, University of Michigan
Jennifer Jensen, University of Idaho
Helen Jung, University of California Los Angeles
Natalie Kehrwald, The Ohio State University
Shannon Kobs, University at Buffalo
Jasper Kok, University of Michigan
Susan Lang, Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD
Eungul Lee, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Meiyun Lin, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
Yuehna Lu, University of Michigan
Naomi Marks, University of California Davis
Pamela Marsh, University of South Carolina
John Mejia, University of Oklahoma
Joanna Mongrain, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Daniel Morgan, University of Washington
Ruth Mullins, Texas A&M University
Daniel Murphy, Texas A&M University
Heidi Natel, Binghamton University
Lauren Neitzke, Rutgers University
Amanda Northcross, University of California Berkeley
Adrienne Oakley, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Johanna Ostling, Texas State University-San Marcos
Laura Palomo, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
Frederick Partey, New Mexico Tech
Christopher Paul, Texas A & M University
Corey Potvin, University of Oklahoma
Khayyun Rahi, Oklahoma State University
Brandi Reese, Texas A&M University
Zewdu Segele, The University of Oklahoma
Amy Shields, US Environmental Protection Agency
Ryan Sobash, University of Oklahoma
Misty Stroud, University of Florida
Dustin Sweet, University of Oklahoma
Andrea Vander Woude, University of Minnesota Duluth
Alejandro Villalobos-Aragon, University of Texas at El Paso
Heather Wall, Syracuse University
Suzanne Walther, University of Oregon
Guohui Wang, University at Buffalo SUNY
Lijia Wei, The Ohio State University
Christina Wiederwohl, Texas A&M University
Rebecca Witherow, The Ohio State University
Yingjie Yang, University of Colorado at Boulder