Travel Logistics

Hiawatha Light Rail

Perhaps the most fun way to get to Riverbend Commons from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is to take the new light rail system. It's fast (about 40 minutes) easy and inexpensive ($1.75 rush hour, $1.25 all other times).

After you have picked your bags in the baggage area, take the escalator down to the sub level. There, you will take a short shuttle trip to the Transit Plaza. (Passengers arriving at the Humphrey Terminal must take the shuttle to the Lindbergh Terminal to access the Transit Plaza). Proceed to Bus Stop 4 where you will catch Bus # 155 to the Ft. Snelling Train Station. (6 minute trip). Be sure to take a transfer. It will be your ticket for the rest of the trip.

Catch the Hiawatha Light Rail going north (the only direction it goes). Keep your transfer handy. The train is on the honor system, but you might be asked to provide your ticket during the trip. Take it to the Metrodome Station stop. (About 17 minutes). Walk to 4th Street South and Kirby Puckett Avenue (Chicago), it's very close, and catch an east bound #16 bus (16 Univ Ave/St Paul). Six minutes later you will be in front of Coffman Memorial Union. Get off and walk ½ block southwest to Riverbend Commons where you will sign in. The fare is $1.25 normal hours and $1.75 during rush hours. Rush hours: Monday-Friday 6:00-9:00 a.m. & 3:00-6:30 p.m. except holidays. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer when you pay. It's good for unlimited rides for up to 2½ hours. The first train is at 4:32 AM and the last train is at 1:46 AM. If you need more information, call 612.373.3333 and an information officer will help you. You can also go to Metro Transit or ask at the transportation desk in the airport.

City Buses

Now that the light rail is in place, in a decision about whether to take the bus or light rail, we recommend you take light rail, but we are keeping information about the bus on the website. At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport , city bus service is provided by Metro Transit. Bus pick-up and drop-off is located at the Transit Center, on Level 1 of the Blue and Red parking ramps. From the Lindbergh Terminal, passengers can access the Transit Center via the free tram on the Tram Level. Passengers arriving at the Humphrey Terminal must take the shuttle to the Lindbergh Terminal to access city buses.

Catch bus #7 (Saying "Downtown") from the airport to the intersection of Cedar and 3rd. Then walk 100 feet down the ramp and transfer to:

Bus #16 or #50 or the Campus Circulator and go one stop east (over the Mississippi River on the Washington Street bridge) and get off in front of Coffman Student Union. Riverbend Commons (where you will be staying) is directly southwest of Coffman.

The bus ride is approximately one hour. The last bus leaves the airport at 1:07 AM and the first bus leaves at 4:07 AM. Buses run every 2 to 10 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends.

The fare is $1.25 normal hours and $1.75 during rush hours. Rush hours: Monday-Friday 6:00-9:00 a.m. & 3:00-6:30 p.m. except holidays. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer when you pay. It's free, and it's good for unlimited rides for up to 2 1/2 hours.

Taxi Service

Taxis are available at the Lindbergh and Humphrey Terminals. Taxi service at the Lindbergh Terminal is accessible via the Tram Level. Signs direct passengers one level up to the cab starter booth, where airport staff will assist passengers obtaining a taxi. At the Humphrey Terminal, taxi service is available at the Humphrey Ground Transportation Center which is located in the Humphrey Parking ramp on Level 1.

Riverbend Commons is approximately 11 miles from the airport, with fares averaging $20.00 to 22.00, not including tip. All cab fares are metered and include a $2.25 trip fee which allows drivers to recoup airport permit fees. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes.


Most major rent-a-car companies are represented at the airport. Check with your favorite to see if there are any specials for the weekend. We have worked out a special deal with Enterprise Rent-a-car.

Other on-site rental car companies

Be advised that there will be a charge to park your car. Please contact Rich Hahnen (at the address given in an email) to arrange parking.

Shared Ride Service

Shared ride service to and from the airport is available from SuperShuttle. Ticket counters are located in the Ground Transportation Atrium, accessible via the Tram Level. Follow the signs to the appropriate escalator or elevator up. Advance reservations are highly recommended.

Shuttles drop off travelers near the Green and Gold parking ramps across from the Lindbergh Terminal. From there, you can take an escalator or elevator to the terminal's Tram Level or up to a skyway to Ticketing.

We have worked out a special arrangement with SuperShuttle. Using the discount coupon, it is $11.00 per passenger. Follow these directions:

SuperShuttle Shared-Ride Van Service

Reservations are not necessary for arrival into Minneapolis—St. Paul International Airport.

  1. Claim your luggage.
  2. Proceed to the lower level (follow signs to ground transportation), and continue to follow the signs upstairs to the Scheduled Van/Hotel Shuttle Van loading area. SuperShuttle is conveniently located inside the terminal by the loading area.
  3. Identify yourself to the SuperShuttle agent / Driver show your Special Rate Coupon to purchase your ticket and you will be transported to your hotel.

Advance Return Reservations are required.
SuperShuttle Shared-Ride Van Service, or Exclusive Van Service: Please contact us at 800-BLUE-VAN at least 24 hours in advance of your departure time. Reservation agent will suggest pick up time from your hotel. To book online go to .

Transit Coupon for Early Career workshop

Twin Cities:

Riverbend Commons

Mapquest from Airport

Riverbend Commons

Riverbend Commons is located on the East Bank of the Minneapolis campus. A coeducational facility that houses 421 students, it is made up of both suite and apartment style units. Its central location allows access to Coffman Memorial Union, the Weisman Art Museum and the central campus area. The pedestrian bridge to the West Bank campus is close to the hall as well.


Each resident is provided the following:

  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Desk and chair
  • Extra long, single-sized bed with mattress
  • sheets and other linens
  • Window coverings (blinds or drapes)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Local phone service
  • Ethernet connection
  • Laundry facilities
  • Computer labs with Internet access (15 to 20 computers, with 2-3 Macs)
  • Live-in professional and student staff


All University numbers (those with a 624, 625, 626 or 627 prefix), may be dialed using only the last five digits. For local off-campus numbers, dial 8 to receive an outside line. Your room phone has restricted local access. Telephones are only available to adult groups upon request. Chaperones/Coaches of your groups may request a phone for their use at the hall desk.

Long distance calls must be:

  1. An 800 (toll-free) number
  2. Placed through a third-party long distance service (AT&T, MCI, Sprint or similar company)
  3. Collect and must be placed through the telephone operator. "0" (not "1") must precede your number (for example, 0-212-555-1212).

There is a pay phone in the Lobby. However, it does not accept credit cards.

Hall Reception Desk

Hall Receptions Desks are open and staffed 24 hours. The hall staff will assist with check-in and check-out of your conferences. The staff is also available to assist guests with their comfort and care.


Reserved parking is available. You must reserve parking no later than fourteen days in advance.If you do not have reserved parking, it is your responsibility to find parking and pay for it. Public parking may be available on a cash basis at the nearby ramps and lots. Be aware that parking can be expensive. Improperly parked vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed by the police; any fees/fines incurred are your responsibility. For more information on parking available on campus, visit Parking & Transportation services at