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Wrap-up Group Discussion

Who is doing what, and when?
What are our next steps?


Biocomplexity curricular resources based on specific topics (e.g. El Nino). A model for case-based modules.


  1. Web site to communicate:
    • How to develop student activities and approaches
    • Introductory steps around a biocomplexity case study
      • Find the links
      • Role playing
      • Concept maps
    • Examples of existing case studies (today El Nino, tomorrow...)
  2. JGE article? (we need publications)


Ghost writer needed


Identify the fundamental elements of biocomplexity for educators.


Conduct a workshop or shourt course on the fundamental elements of biocomplexity.


Workshop run by experts in each needed area who are also audience participants.


Case studies based on funded CHN (coupled human-natural systems) projects—articulate links between human and natural systems.


Personal contact with PIs Publishers and necessary support persons


Dave McGinnis and Biocomplexity PIs

How do we have an influence?

A) Teaching

B) Research

C) Academic Life

What to do to reach a wider audience over a longer term?

Spread the message to...

How to get the message out?

Develop a "party line"

Develop publications

Our Message to NSF

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