Initial Publication Date: May 9, 2006

Biocomplexity Resources

The list below includes a wide variety of references, projects, bibliographies and other resources. The broad nature of this collection illustrates the breadth of biocomplexity research. Please let us know about resources you find useful for your teaching or research!
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Internet Resources

General Biocomplexity Resources
Contains general resources for biocomplexity, as well as portal sites such as the National Biological Information Infrastructure.

Includes ecology research projects from Lake Ontario, the Pacific Northwest and the National Parks, a searchable ecology bibliography, and clearinghouse web sites that can direct users to active research topics.

Diversity and Evolution
Covers topics such as arthropod diversity and evolution, biodiversity, and morphogenesis.

Complex Systems
Addresses topics such as polymers, complex fluids, genetics, modeling, and complex system analysis. Many complex systems projects are multi-disciplinary, involving fields such as biology, mathematics, computer science, sociology, psychology, engineering, business and natural resources management.

Coupled Natural and Human Systems
Focuses on the complex interactions among human and natural systems at diverse spatial, temporal, and organizational scales. Some topics include urban wetlands, land use, natural hazards, and industrial processes.

Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles
Explores interrelationships among earth system cycles, including physical, chemical, geological, hydrological, and biological processes. Examples include projects such as global change research and climatology.

Genome-Enabled Environmental Sciences and Engineering
These projects use scientific and/or engineering approaches, which develop and use genomic information and tools to further our understanding of how organisms interact with their environment.