Jeff Ryan


University of South Florida

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

An In-Class Demonstration and Activity Using the FCAEM Remotely Operable Electron Microprobe part of Cutting Edge:Geochemistry:Activities
This activity takes advantage of the full remote operation capabilities of the electron microprobe system available through the Florida Center for Analytical Electron Microscopy (FCAEM) at Florida International University in Miami, FL, to introduce students to microprobe analysis through an interactive, whole-class demonstration and exercise. The exercise can be used to provide background and preparation for student use of the electron microprobe in class projects.

Tracing sediment provenance from source to sink: Isotope records in the Bay of Bengal and Indonesia part of MARGINS Data in the Classroom:MARGINS Mini-Lessons
In this exercise students examine data from a geochemical database to understand the link between source rocks and sedimentary deposits in the ocean, focusing on the Bay of Bengal in the context of the MARGINS Source-to-Sink initiative and contrasting these data with those offshore of Indonesia. This activity utilizes the online geochemical database SedDB, GeoMapAPP, and Excel.

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