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How do you teach with video? What makes a good video? What ruins a video? What equipment do you use? Let us know, and feel free to share your favorite resources.

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6568 1390062789 Example of predictive video used in an Oceanography class
Al Trujillo Jan, 18th
2 1391091217 Seems like there are a number of participants in ...
Katryn Wiese Jan, 30th
6571 1390065156 Using existing videos
Laura Guertin Jan, 18th
4 1391091401 Existing online video resources combined with ...
Katryn Wiese Jan, 30th
6658 1391141187 Links to Online Video Resources for Geoscience
Scott Brande Jan, 30th
6706 1393533710 Podcast Solutions book
Cian Dawson Feb, 27th
2 1396038580 I used this book 2 years ago as required reading ...
Katryn Wiese Mar, 28th

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