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SGT Activity Review Process


The geoscience community has repeatedly asked for access to high-quality, peer-reviewed instructional resources, and we are reviewing assignments and activities in On the Cutting Edge online collections to help meet this need. NSF is also interested in our review process as a model for other education projects.

Review process

The SGT activity review process will take place in two stages:

General procedure for individual reviews:

To help calibrate your expectations, you may find it useful to browse some of the assignments/activities in the Cutting Edge collection that were tagged as exemplary during the review of the petrology, mineralogy, and geochemistry activities last year. You'll see a variety of different kinds of activities (field, lab, classroom, back-of-the-envelope calculations).

All of the reviews will be done online using the review tool developed by Sean Fox at SERC.

What happens after you submit your review

Editorial Team

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