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Using SERC Workspaces

SERC Workspaces are wiki-like areas on the web where groups can collaboratively edit web pages and share documents.

Screenshot of Workspace Sidebar
The Editing Controls are in the upper right corner of the page.

Each workspace page has editing controls in a pink box in the upper right corner of the page. Clicking this box will expand it to reveal either a login area or (if you've already logged in) a series of options for making edits.

Watch out for Simultaneous Editors

It's possible for two people to be editing a workspace at the same time, thus effectively wiping out each other's edits. Whoever saves their changes last will prevail. Tactics to avoid this:

Uploaded Files are in the File Archive and can be embedded directly in any page.

At the bottom of the right side is a link to the File Archive. This page lists all the files and images that have been uploaded in the workspace. In addition this page also shows the tags needed to embed that particular file or image within any of the other workspace pages (e.g. [file 11006]).

This Workspace is Private.

Only registered participants in this workshop may view these pages and open the files that reside here. When the page content is ready for public viewing, the page will be moved to a public part of the website.

Workspaces are Built on the Same Tools as the rest of the SERC CMS.

You can explore the rest of the documentation here to get more detail about the SERC CMS and how it functions.
Making links
Uploading Files
Using Images

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