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Energy Field Trip Enrichment Proposal: What's the Point?

Working Group: Greg Baker, Joel Blum, Fred Loxsom, Rob Milne, Dave Mogk, Chris Sinton, Suki Smaglik, Ed Stermer

So you're going on a field trip to an energy facility. What's the point?
Absaloka Coal Mine, Montana Details
What is the value added to the students' learning experience by visiting this facility?How do you justify the time, energy and expense consumed to host this field trip? This outline provides some suggestions about how to design, implement and assess a field learning experience at an energy facility. Unlike a traditional geology field trip, a visit to a working energy facility will present unique opportunities and challenges to engage the students. Activities will be constrained according to the limitations (e.g. safety) of the facility, cooperation and collaboration with facility operators will be essential, and the field trip will not only cover fundamental Science, but also applications to technology, and social and economic considerations. Learn more in the outline below.

Guidelines for Developing Meaning

Learning Goals:

Pretrip session/jigsaw

Site Visit

Reclaimed coal mine, Absaloka Mine, Montana Details

Posttrip session/jigsaw


JigSaw Categories



Site specific vs. Multi-site

Oral Presentation Assessment

Provide context for students of either a congressional briefing or permitting meeting:

Four consultant groups hired by:

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