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Participant Checklist

What to do in preparation for the workshop for Early Career Faculty in the Geosciences

To help you get the most out of the workshop for Early Career Faculty in the Geosciences, we ask that you do several things in advance. Here's a list of those preparatory activities and their deadlines:

  • Optional: If you will need financial assistance to attend the workshop, apply for a workshop stipend.

By May 2:

  • Register for the workshop (includes choosing concurrent sessions; see workshop program for choices). The registration form also asks you to upload a photo of yourself for the workshop notebook. This really helps workshop leaders and participants get to know each other more quickly. These photographs will be modified to fit a standard size, which will be small. If possible, please select a photo that features your face (a head shot) instead of one where you are relatively small within a landscape.
  • Pay for the workshop.
  • Inform us of your travel plans and housing needs. For this you will need to decide whether to make the optional visit to NSF. For information on travel options, see the logistics page.
  • If you have a roommate request, email CuttingEdge@wm.edu and be sure to cc the person with whom you would like to share a room. Your dates of arrival and departure will need to be the same in order to accommodate your request.
  • Complete the index of learning styles questionnaire and report your results.
  • Share your wisdom with your colleagues: based on your experience, what advice do you have for other early career faculty members about time management or work-life balance, or for graduate students and post-docs about the academic job search process.

By May 11:

  • If you are going to NSF, choose your sessions. on May 18, we will provide the list of individual appointments that we have scheduled as well as suggestions for you regarding how to schedule other individual appointments. If you have any questions about the NSF visit and/or individual appointments, please ask Heather Macdonald.

By May 23:

  • Optional, but STRONGLY encouraged: upload your research proposal summary. (Read the proposal instructions first!) Participants who submit these proposal summaries in advance will get to have them reviewed by one or more of the workshop leaders. Every year, participants tell us that the proposal review session is one of the most valuable parts of the workshop.

By June 1:

Prior to the workshop:

Preparing for Your Visit to NSF

Our visit to the National Science Foundation is always an exciting, energizing part of the Early Career workshop. We will allocate a bit of time during the workshop to get organized for the visit. In addition, to make the most of this opportunity, we suggest that you do the following before coming to the workshop:

Modified NSF-style two-page bio/c.v.

If you're coming on the visit to NSF, we strongly recommend that you prepare a two-page resume (~5 copies, stapled or copied double sided so that your pages don't get mixed up with someone else's!). The purpose of this resume is two fold: i) to introduce you to the program director and ii) to provide a way for the program director to contact you later to review proposals. We suggest a modified NSF-format "2 pager" biographical sketch. The NSF two pager is the format the you must use when submitting a proposal to NSF. It contains important information for the program directors to use in selecting you as a proposal reviewer (in particular, elements a, c, and d). However, it is too limited to meet purpose (i). So, for our purposes, we advise the following modifications:

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