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Map, Directions, and Check-In

Map:We strongly recommend that you print out the campus map, available on this page. You will be staying at the Botetourt Complex on Wake Drive (#9 on the campus map), in either the Gooch or Dinwiddie dorm (which are not labeled on the campus map–signs should direct you). Conference Services is located among the Old Lodges (# 59 on the campus map), specifically Lodge 6, on Gooch Drive behind the University Center.

Directions: See the directions By Automobile listed below for directions once on campus.

Check in:There will be a member of the Conference Services staff at Gooch dorm from 3:30-5:30 to check you in. At other times between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., go to Lodge 6. Late arrivals (after 9:00 p.m.) should telephone 757-221-3215 (telephones are found in the University Center)to get a staff person to check you in. They will likely meet you at Lodge 6.

Travel and Related Information

Arrival and Departure Information

The workshop will officially begin with an opening session on Wednesday evening, June 8, 2005 at 7:00 pm. We will gather informally for dinner at 6:00 pm. The workshop will end after dinner on Sunday evening, June 12.

We are offering an optional one-day trip to the National Science Foundation on Monday, June 13 and will provide but transportation to and from Williamburg on June 13. If you stay for the NSF trip, you may chose to leave from a Washington DC airport in the evening of June 13 (or later) or from an airport around Williamsburg anytime during the day on Tuesday, June 14. You will be on your own for food expenses after dinner on June 13. If do not plan to go to NSF, you can make plans to leave on Monday, June 13. Previous participants have found the NSF trip very useful, so we encourage you to attend.

Some participants choose to fly out of one of the three Washington DC airports late in the day on June 13 or to stay overnight in DC at their own expense and leave the following morning. In some cases, the fares are reasonable even though the arrival and departure airports are different.

Transportation to Williamsburg

You are responsible for your travel to and from the workshop. Prices and other information are current as of autumn 2004.

By Air:

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the airport. After we have travel information for all participants, we will provide information about arrival times so that participants arriving at the same airport can coordinate transportation to Williamsburg if they wish. Three airports serve the Williamsburg area.

It is easier to travel to Williamsburg from Richmond or Newport News than from Norfolk, so unless the schedule or fares are significantly better in Norfolk, we encourage you to arrive in Richmond or Newport News. Patrick Henry Airport is about 20 minutes by car from Williamsburg, Richmond is about 50 minutes by car, and Norfolk is one hour (or more depending on traffic). Ground transportation other than taxis from Richmond and Norfolk will take longer as they will make stops along the way.

Richmond International Airport:

Ground transportation: Groome Transportation 1-800-552-7911. Groome leaves the airport every hour on the hour. Exit the airport from the baggage claim area-Groome leaves from the island in the middle of the road. The cost is $40.00 one-way and $71.00 round-trip. Arrangements for pick-up for the return trip to the airport can be made when you arrive in Richmond. Taxicabs, if shared, may be a reasonably priced alternative.

Newport News/Williamsburg Patrick Henry Airport:

Served by the following taxicab companies: Associated Cab (757-887-3412), North End Cab (757-244-4000), Williamsburg Limosine (757-877-0279), Yellow Cab (757-245-7777). Taxicab fares from the airport to the campus range from $30 to $40 per car. It would be most reasonable if one cab is shared with several other workshop attendees.

Norfolk International Airport:

Airport Express Service 757-857-3991: Rates are $50 one-way and $95.00 round trip. Prices may be adjusted if several workshop attendees use the same transport. Exit from door three, the Express Service is in a small booth on the left.

By Rail:

Williamsburg is served by Amtrak. The distance from the train station to the Botetourt Complex is within walking distance if you are quite fit, otherwise you may wish to take a taxicab.

By Automobile:

From the North and West Areas (i.e. Northern Virginia, DC)

From the South and East Areas (i.e. Virginia Beach, Norfolk)

Accommodations: You will be staying on campus a dorm room. Each of the dorm rooms is a single (small) and all linens (bed linens, towels, and so forth) will be provided. If you are driving and like your own pillow best, you could bring that along. The dorms are air-conditioned, as are the buildings in which we will be meeting. Each room has a telephone and you will be able to take calls there and make long distance calls if you have a long-distance calling card. All of the rooms are equipped with computer hookups/Ethernet.

Parking:Campus parking passes are available when you check in. This pass is good for the day student and resident parking places ONLY (not for faculty and staff parking spaces). Remember to ask for the pass when you check in.

What to bring:Dress will be casual during the workshop–be prepared for cool air-conditioned buildings and the hot and humid outdoors. It commonly rains here, so you might want to bring an umbrella. The dorm rooms do not have alarm clocks, so a travel alarm clock would be useful. You also may want to bring more formal attire for the NSF visit.


Meals will be available through the dining facilities on campus. There are always choices in the cafeteria, so you should be able to find food that fits your food preferences. We will have a picnic at the Keck Environmental Laboratory one evening and the closing dinner at a restaurant near the campus on June 12. For those dinners, there will be vegetarian options.

NSF Visit:A bus will be provided to drive the participants to NSF early in the morning on Monday, June 13 and will return to Williamsburg at the end of the day. The morning will include an orientation session followed by small group meetings with program officers. In the afternoon, NSF staff will give group sessions on some specific NSF programs and you will be able meet individually with NSF program officers. This NSF trip is optional, but we encourage everyone, including faculty from two-year colleges, to attend. You can make plans to leave from the Washington area the following morning or at the end of the day on June 13. We will walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner before the bus will return to Williamsburg.

Transportation from NSF to the Washington DC Airports Reagan National Airport Directions and information about ground transportation.

Dulles International Airport Directions and information about ground transportation.

Washington International Airport (BWI)

There is a BWI Express Metro Bus that travels between BWI and the Greenbelt MD metro station every forty minutes.

The Washington DC Airport Shuttle serves all three metropolitan Washington airports. They will pick up at the door and deliver to the airport.

Travel time from the NSF offices to BWI or Dulles is at least one hour (and may be more during rush hour); to Reagan National you should allow one-half hour if during rush hour.

Emergency Contact Numbers:

For an emergency contact during the meeting, please call the Conference Center Duty Office (757-221-3215) as they will have a copy of the workshop schedule, have 24 hour phone service and should be able to find you. Or call Campus Police (757-221-4596).

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