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Recruitment Strategies

The following list was compiled by Carol Ormand, based on recruitment strategies suggested by participants at the 2007 workshop on Strategies for Successful Recruitment of Geoscience Majors and the 2009 workshop on Strengthening Your Geoscience Program.

Reach students earlier

Broaden entry routes into the major

Remind introductory students that your alums are in a wide variety of interesting careers (including many beyond the geosciences)

Give geoscience related ideas/resources to faculty in related disciplines

Integrate research with your curriculum

Develop a sense of community among geology students/faculty

Find out what you are doing well

Sing your department's praises

Work with your Admissions office to improve information about science options on campus

Recruit the parents

Work with 2-year colleges

Actively recruit "refugees" from other sciences

Hire current students to help with recruitment

Look at your webpage

Work with local/regional K-12 teachers

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