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Recruiting and Retaining Faculty

Faculty drive the education and research that propel the modern geoscience department. Ensuring that your department attracts and keeps energetic and productive faculty members is important in maintaining a vibrant department culture.


A Flourishing Faculty Environment

This page provides some highlights from a talk given by John Geissmann of the University of New Mexico about what that department has done to create an environment in which faculty members can thrive.

Recruiting a Diverse Faculty

The goal of attaining a diverse faculty that is representative of our students (and of society) has yet to be achieved in the geosciences, despite gains made in recruiting and training of qualified women and students from underrepresented groups. This page provides some practical tips and resources to help you broaden your candidate pool for your next faculty hire.

Creating a Family Friendly Department: Chairs and Deans Toolkit

This document, prepared by a committee at the University of California, details the benefits to academic institutions of having family-friendly policies, best practices in developing a family-friendly department, legal issues surrounding family-friendly accommodations, several case examples, and a resource list.

References and Additional Reading

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