Resources and Documents

Of General Interest to Workshop Attendees

The Using Data in the Classroom report (Acrobat (PDF) 467kB Nov25 03) is a seminal work describing efforts and obstacles to using data in education. The Science Education Resouce Center (SERC) at Carleton College mailed a copy of this report to all workshop attendees. We recommend that all participants read the report, to establish a common foundation of understanding about our goals for using data in education.

The Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) is a collection of computer-based Earth science activities that focus on using data. Each activity, or chapter, introduces one or more datasets and an analysis tool in a context that encourages users to explore some aspect of the Earth system. Educational modules outlined at the Data Services Workshop will be developed into EET chapters. Peruse one or more chapters to build your understanding and vision for the end result of your team work.

A new semantically rich metadata form to describe datasets has been developed by staff at SERC's Using Data portal. These data descriptions, referred to as "DataSheets," are written to those who want to learn from or teach with data. The Data Access Working Group (DAWG) has recommended that DataSheets be prepared for datasets and cataloged into digital libraries as a way of making data available to the educational community. You can admire SERC's growing collection of DataSheets or download a Word document that can serve as a template to generate new DataSheets (Microsoft Word 97kB Jan19 07).

The 2006 Team Sessions document (Acrobat (PDF) 79kB Jan19 07) provides a detailed description of the workshop's six team breakout sessions.

The Summary of 2005 Role Group Breakout Discussions document (Microsoft Word 38kB Jan19 07) provides a starting point for the 2006 Role Group Breakout discussions. The Role groups are to consider the highlights in those summaries and identify tangible steps that might be taken how to take advantage of the strengths and opportunities and how to address the weaknesses and needs to have those in each role move forward to make effective use of data in education happen.

Science Education Standards

National Science Education Standards

AAAS Project 2061: Benchmarks for Science Literacy

Logistical Information

Each day, your networking can continue over dinner. In addition to award-winning restaurants at Westward Look, here are 40 other suggestions within 1.5 miles of the workshop location.
Restaurants Near Westward Look (Acrobat (PDF) 339kB Jan19 07)
Summary of 2005 Role Group Breakout Discussions (Microsoft Word 38kB Jan19 07)
Final Logistics (PowerPoint 62kB Jan19 07)