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Participants by name

Name (Affiliation) Workshop Team, Team Role
Aulenbach, Steve (NCAR) NCAR Community Data Portal, Group Facilitator
Barthel, Celeste (Oregon State University) Marine-Geo, Group Facilitator
Beaver, William (Science Approach) NASA/NEO
Bell, Quinena (NASA Explorer School-Hobgood Elementary) National Park Service
Borders, Kareen (Key Peninsula Middle School) AstroData, Notes Facilitator
Borne, Kirk (George Mason University) AstroData
Brown, Darleen (NASA Explorer School-Goldsboro Elementary) NASA/NEO
Bruozas, Meridith (Northwestern University) NCDC, Activity Outline Coordinator
Burek, Michael (NCAR) NCAR Community Data Portal
Burrows, Charles (Spring Valley HS / East Ramapo CSD) Alaska, Activity Outline Coordinator
Channan, Saurabh (Global Land Cover Facility) Global Land Cover Facility
Christian, Carol (Space Telescope Science Institute) AstroData
Coats, Charline (NASA Explorer School-Glenn Levey Middle School) Global Land Cover Facility, Notes Faciliatator
Croft, Steven (AURA/NOAO) AstroData
Dahlman, LuAnn (TERC) Staff
Domenico, Ben (Unidata/UCAR) Staff
Duguay, Claude (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Alaska, Group Facilitator
Dutton, Dwight (East Chapel Hill High School) National Park Service, Group Facilitator
Engram, Melanie (Alaska Satellite Facillity) Alaska
Francis, Laura (Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary) Marine Map, Activity Outline Coordinator
Fried, Barry (John Dewey High School) Marine Map, Notes Faciliatator
Garay, Dolores (Redd School) SciBox, Notes Faciliatator
Garver, Keri (Montana State University) SciBox, Activity Outline Coordinator
Goodwillie, Andrew (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory) Marine-Geo, Notes Faciliatator
Haddad, Nick (TERC) AstroData, Group Facilitator
Hall, Frank (National Research Council)
Hall, Michelle (Science Education Solutions) SAGUARO, Group Facilitator
Hardin, Brandon (Montana State University) SciBox
Heck, Sherri (National Center for Atmospheric Research) NCAR Community Data Portal
Herring, David (NASA Goddard) NASA/NEO, Group Facilitator
Higbie, Meredith (Lunar and Planetary Institute) SciBox, Group Facilitator
Hoban, Susan (UMBC Goddard Earth Science & Technology Center) SciBox
Huth, Anne (Science Education Solutions) SAGUARO, Notes Faciliatator
Jager, Jessica (South Suburban College) Marine-Geo, Activity Outline Coordinator
Jasmin, Tommy (University of Wisconsin, SSEC/CIMSS) SSEC, Notes Faciliatator
Kluge, Steve (Fox Lane High School) NASA/NEO, Activity Outline Coordinator
Knuth, Shelley (University of Wisconsin) SSEC
Kortz, Karen (Community College of Rhode Island) Marine-Geo, Activity Outline Coordinator
Laval, Barbara (UCLA) MESSENGER, Group Facilitator
Ledley, Tamara (TERC) Staff
Lott, Jack (NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC) NCDC, Notes Faciliatator
Mayhew, Michael (M&M Enterprises, Ltd) SAGUARO
McAuliffe, Carla (TERC) Global Land Cover Facility, Group Facilitator
McClintock, Will (University of California Santa Barbara) Marine Map
Melville-Smith, Kim (University of Northern Colorado) Staff
Moore, John (Burlington County Institute of Technology) NCAR Community Data Portal, Activity Outline Coordinator
Moore, Steven (CIPE) Global Land Cover Facility, Activity Outline Coordinator
Nunes, Daniel (Lunar and Planetary Institute) MESSENGER, Notes Faciliatator
Ogden-Muse, Paula (National Park Service) National Park Service, Activity Outline Coordinator
Pederson, Gregory (US Geological Survey & Big Sky Institute/Montana State University) National Park Service
Petcovic, Heather (Western Michigan University) Marine-Geo
Raskin, Robert (Jet Propulsion Lab) POET
Renyck, Heather (Milford High School, NH) NCAR Community Data Portal, Notes Faciliatator
Rios, Carlos (Oregon State University) Alaska, Notes Faciliatator
Sajor, Andy (Peru Central Schools) SSEC, Activity Outline Coordinator
Samson, Perry (University of Michigan) NCDC, Group Facilitator
Sippel, Steven (Harlandale ISD) Marine-Geo, Group Facilitator
Smith, David (Northwestern University) SSEC, Group Facilitator
Smith, Matthew (University of Maryland) Global Land Cover Facility
Sommer, Anton (NASA Explorer School-Village Academy High School) Alaska, Notes Faciliatator
Sparks, Robert (AURA-NOAO) AstroData, Activity Outline Coordinator
Stanley, Jo (University of Northern Colorado) Staff
Taber, Mike (Univ. of Northern Colorado) Staff/NCAR Community Data Portal, Notes Facilitator
Tuthill, George (Montana State University) SciBox
Vanhala, Harri (USRA/NCESSE) MESSENGER, Activity Outline Coordinator
Walker, Connie (National Optical Astronomy Observatory) AstroData
Walker, Scott (Oregon State University) SAGUARO, Activity Outline Coordinator
Weber, Jeff (UCAR/Unidata) NCDC
Wenger, Jeanna (National Park Service) National Park Service
Whitmer, Ali (Marine Science Institute) Marine Map, Group Facilitator
Witte, William (UAF Geology & Geophysics) National Park Service, Notes Faciliatator
Youngman, Elizabeth (Phoenix Country Day School) Marine Map

Participants by Team

Burrows, Charles - Activity Outline Coordinator
Duguay, Claude - Group Facilitator
Engram, Melanie
Rios, Carlos - Notes Faciliatator
Sommer, Anton

Borders, Kareen - Notes Facilitator
Borne, Kirk
Christian, Carol
Croft, Steven
Haddad, Nick - Group Facilitator
Sparks, Robert - Activity Outline Coordinator
Walker, Connie

Global Land Cover Facility
Channan, Saurabh
Coats, Charline - Notes Facilitator
McAuliffe, Carla - Group Facilitator
Moore, Steven - Activity Outline Coordinator
Smith, Matthew

Barthel, Celeste
Goodwillie, Andrew - Notes Facilitator
Jager, Jessica - Activity Outline Coordinator
Kortz, Karen
Petcovic, Heather
Sippel, Steven - Group Facilitator

Marine Map
Francis, Laura - Activity Outline Coordinator
Fried, Barry - Notes Facilitator
McClintock, Will
Whitmer, Ali - Group Facilitator
Youngman, Elizabeth

Estey, Lou
Laval, Barbara - Group Facilitator
Nunes, Daniel - Notes Facilitator
Vanhala, Harri - Activity Outline Coordinator

Beaver, William - Notes Facilitator
Brown, Darleen
Herring, David - Group Facilitator
Kluge, Steve - Activity Outline Coordinator
Ward, Kevin

National Park Service
Bell, Quinena
Dutton, Dwight - Group Facilitator
Ogden-Muse, Paula - Activity Outline Coordinator
Pederson, Gregory
Wenger, Jeanna
Witte, William - Notes Facilitator

NCAR Community Data Portal
Aulenbach, Steve - Group Facilitator
Burek, Michael
Heck, Sherri
Moore, John - Activity Outline Coordinator
Taber, Michael - Notes Facilitator

Bruozas, Meridith - Activity Outline Coordinator
Hall, Frank
Lott, Jack - Notes Facilitator
Samson, Perry - Group Facilitator
Weber, Jeff

Hall, Michelle - Group Facilitator
Huth, Anne - Notes Facilitator
Mayhew, Michael
Walker, Scott - Activity Outline Coordinator

Garay, Dolores - Notes Facilitator
Garver, Keri - Activity Outline Coordinator
Hardin, Brandon
Higbie, Meredith - Group Facilitator
Hoban, Susan
Tuthill, George

Domenico, Ben
Jasmin, Tommy - Notes Facilitator
Knuth, Shelley
Sajor, Andy - Activity Outline Coordinator
Smith, David - Group Facilitator

Dahlman, LuAnn
Domenico, Ben
Ledley, Tamara
Melville-Smith, Kim
Stanley, Jo
Taber, Mike

Team Role Descriptions

The person assigned as Group Facilitator on each team should monitor and guide discussions as necessary to keep them moving in a productive direction to accomplish the goals of each session. We also ask this person to ensure that all members of the team have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, skills, and expertise.

Each team has a member assigned as the Activity Outline Coordinator. This person should ensure that the team addresses all the questions necessary to produce a complete activity outline. The outline should include a reasonably compelling data-use scenario and descriptions of data access and analysis procedures necessary to perform the analysis.

Each team also has a member identified as the Notes Facilitator. This person should make certain that some team member captures relevant notes and points of discussion for each session. So that every member of the team has the opportunity to contribute, recording duties should be shared among all team members. Everyone should be willing to serve as the recorder for one session.

The preferred way to capture notes is directly into the Teams swiki pages: each team has a designated workspace at the Teams Workspace page, and laptops and wireless Internet access will be available in meeting rooms. Notes can also be captured in word processing documents, on flip charts, or on paper. All team notes will be digitized as necessary and made available to the EET curriculum developer after the workshop. The Notes Facilitator should ensure that all team notes are collected and submitted to a member of the Data Services group.