Workshop Information

Initial Publication Date: February 5, 2007

Data Services Workshop 2004

May 24-27, 2004 at the New England Center at the University of New Hampshire

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate the use of Earth system science data in secondary, undergraduate, and graduate education. The structure of the meeting is unique:

Day One: Technical Day
  • Participants will explore the technical aspects of data access and distribution within the context of their current systems and looking to future, especially with respect to the THREDDS project.
  • Participants provide input for a report that informs educators of the datasets and data access and analysis tools that are available, and summarizes the current state of the technical aspects data access and the directions it is going.
Days Two and Three: Joint Technical-Educational Sessions
  • Participants explore the educational aspects of data access and distribution.
  • Participants representing the roles of data provider, tools developer, scientist, curriculum developer, and educator work in teams focused on specific Earth science datasets and data analysis tools, to inform each other of their respective groups? interests and needs with regard to data access.
  • Data providers and tools developers will demonstrate access and analysis of their data and discuss its appropriate use.
  • Curriculum developers and educators will discuss the kinds of data that are needed by educators and what types of interfaces facilitate data use by teachers and students.
  • Teams will also begin development of an educational module in the form of an Earth Exploration Toolbook chapter
Day Four: Education Day
  • Participants will discuss pedagogical and logistical concerns of working with data they have been introduced to in the context of the educational modules they are beginning to develop
  • Participants will provide input for a report on the Earth science data needs of the educational community, the usability of the interfaces they were introduced to.
See the DLESE Data Services Workshop Overview (Microsoft Word 32kB Jan24 07) for more information.