Practice with Live Scripts, MATLAB Online, MATLAB Drive

1) Go to Live Script Gallery

  • Select a script to run (example: Calculate Heart Rate from Electrocardiogram Data)
  • Click "Run in MATLAB Online" to run the script in MATLAB
  • Once in the live script, click the "Output on right" icon on the far-right panel
  • In the right-hand output panel, click right on your mouse and select "Clear all output"
  • Use the "Run and Advance" menu item above to run each section serially.
    • Experiment with changing UI parameters or editing the live script.
    • Run, again. Did the output change?

2) Work in full MATLAB Online

  • Select a Teaching Resource (below), scroll down the page, and click
  • Run the live script following similar steps as in Exercise # 1, above
  • When you're satisfied with your live script, Export the script as a PDF (Hint: Save menu)
  • Save it in your MATLAB Drive with a file name of your choosing (hint: include the ".pdf" extension)
  • Find the file you saved in your MATLAB Drive. (Hint: Open it from the MATLAB Online "Files" browser.)

3) Extra time? Watch this video: how-to-create-a-script-using-the-live-editor-in-matlab