Participant Checklist

Ahead of the upcoming workshop, go through this list to make sure you're prepared.

1) Complete the Pre-Work


2) Submit your Teaching Activity (if you haven't already) and take a look at other submissions ahead of the workshop.

You'll have time and lots of feedback and support to work on your teaching activity during the workshop.  Even if you have not submitted an activity to be peer-reviewed ahead of the workshop, it is still beneficial to submit the first version of your activity so you'll have a good place to start in the workshop.  These activities become publicly available resources for fellow educators, searchable on the SERC site.

Submit your Teaching Activity or View Submissions

3) Optional Sunday afternoon One-on-One sign-up

If you plan to arrive early on Sunday, you can sign up for a session between 2 and 4pm with a mentor in teaching computation.  This is an informal and optional session that can be used to work on your teaching activity.  You are also welcome to drop in to meet with any available mentors.

Sign up for a time slot

4) Keep us informed of any changes to travel and reach out with questions

Email us with any updates to your itinerary or any questions you may have about the workshop preparations or logistics.

Maureen Kahn

Lisa Kempler

In case of emergencies or flight delays on Saturday, please contact Amy Collette (, 612-578-2823).