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This workshop is designed to explore how teaching computation using MATLAB can improve student learning in STEM courses and help students use computation to solve problems. We ask each participant in this workshop to write a short essay about their experience/expertise on teaching computation. The purpose of this essay is to provide to the other workshop participants an introduction to your work and thinking on the importance of students developing computation skills. The essays will be posted on the workshop website and become part of the SERC resource collections.

Prompt: What challenges do you face in teaching computation online or using online computational tools? Have you had successes (or failures) in overcoming these challenges? What strategies did you use in attempting to overcome these challenges?

If you have not yet taught computation (in person or online), please consider writing about your perceived challenges and ideas you have for how to overcome them.

We hope that your essay will be a strong piece of writing sharing a few important ideas, points, or results that you think will be of high interest to the other participants, rather than a comprehensive list of all of your work. Essays should be no longer than two pages, and shorter is fine. If there are references (either your own or the work of others) that are important to your thinking, please list them at the end of the essay. Please save your essay as a Microsoft Word or PDF file to upload below.

If you would like to use content that you submitted via the application, please contact Mitchell Awalt (mawalt AT carleton DOT edu) to receive that information.


Here are a couple of example essays from previous workshops to give you some ideas about how you might approach writing yours.


Please upload your essay (in PDF or Word format) using the file upload below. We need you to upload it as a file because most formatting will be lost from the text you pasted above. Having you both paste the text and upload the file saves us hours of work. (Thank you!)

You may also choose to upload up to two additional files or images to supplement your essay. This is completely optional. If you choose to upload additional files, you must hold the copyright to the file contents or have written permission to use them from the copyright holder.