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Teaching Computation
Wendell Brokaw, Bellingham Technical College
Wendell Brokaw, Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics, Bellingham Technical College I am new to teaching computation at the technical college level. The use of MATLAB affords the capability of mathematical ...

Subject: Engineering

Choose Your Own Adventure: Teaching a Project-Based Intro to MATLAB Seminar
Ryan Pellico, Trinity College
Ryan Pellico, Mathematics, Trinity College In my second year of teaching, I inherited an introduction to MATLAB seminar titled "Scientific Computing in MATLAB" which had been created the previous year by ...

Subject: Mathematics

Creating a new MATLAB course for freshmen students
Jea Joseph, Oakwood College
Jea Joseph, Math and Computer Science, Oakwood University This Spring, I have been tasked with offering a new course to all freshmen STEM majors to introduce them to MATLAB to use in future mathematics and ...

Subject: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology

Teaching with MATLAB
Faruk Yildiz, Sam Houston State University
Faruk Yildiz, Engineering Technology, Sam Houston State University Students are not required to do projects but stick with the activities offered by the MATLAB modules. ...

Subject: Engineering

Challenges and successes in teaching online using MATLAB
Oge Marques, Florida Atlantic University
Oge Marques, EECS, Florida Atlantic University Downloadable version of this essayChallenges and successes in teaching online using MATLAB (Acrobat (PDF) 151kB Sep10 21)

Subject: Computer Science, Engineering

MATLAB Jump-Start with One Project
Yuxin Zhang, Washington State University-Tri Cities
Yuxin Zhang, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Washington State University-Tri Cities As a Mechanical engineer, it is essential to develop computational skills due to the following reasons: (1) Many ...

Subject: Engineering

A project-based mechanics and mathematics course utilizing MATLAB
Mettupalayam Sivaselvan, SUNY at Buffalo
Mettupalayam Sivaselvan, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo This essay is based on a first-year graduate-level course that I recently started teaching on mathematical principles ...

Subject: Mathematics, Engineering

The Value of Forming a Computational Mindset as Undergraduates
Anne Raich, Valparaiso University
Anne Raich, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Valparaiso University I have worked for the past 15+ years as a civil engineering professor at Valparaiso University and Lafayette College. Both Valpo and Lafayette ...

Subject: Engineering

Hands-On Teaching in an Asynchronous Environment
Melissa Morris, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott
Melissa Morris, Engineering and Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University A challenge I have in teaching computation online is not being able to interact with the students in real-time and see when they are ...

Subject: Engineering

Building community from afar: Teaching computation online to engineering students
Jennifer Jordan, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jennifer Jordan, Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University One of the greatest challenges in teaching online is to build a community of engaged learners. On top of many difficulties during the ...

Subject: Engineering