Teaching Computation

Wendell Brokaw, Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics, Bellingham Technical College

I am new to teaching computation at the technical college level. The use of MATLAB affords the capability of mathematical treatment by students that do not have rigorous backgrounds in applied computation. The activity of solution becomes a deterrent to student confidence due to the errors that can be generated in the tedium of solution. I am seeking to gain insight and practice in using the tools within Mathworks to engage teaching and deflate the intimidation of mathematics due to errors introduced in routine calculation as well as provide an industrial connection to solutions borne through academic collaboration. It has been my experience at the technical college level that the students do not have the training in mathematical concepts due to the lack of segregating information that is helpful to macroscopic application from theoretical completeness involving aspects of mathematics that are more abstract than practical. I am looking forward to engaging practitioners in this field for this insight and implementation.

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