Adaptive learning with MATLAB tools for Electric Circuit

Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Initial Publication Date: September 18, 2020 | Reviewed: April 13, 2021


This year, the goal of this project is to create MATLAB Live Script files, Online Grader, and Simulink for advanced level Electrical Circuits courses. The course in Electrical and Computer Engineering for sophomore-level and the topics of AC phasor analysis, AC steady state power, complex circuit functions, Laplace transform methods, convolution, analog filter design and Fourier series.
Live script files will be created for each topic with problems and solutions. Students will calculate the calculations by hand. Then, students will test MATLAB Live Script to verify their results. Also, Simulink model swill be created to check the results. Online grader exercise questions will be created to have some practices for each topic.

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Learning Goals

In the project, students learn to create and use functions and scripts in MATLAB, vary parameters in their functions, and build circuit models in Simulink.
MATLAB script files and Simulink will help students to visualize the simulation results.
Students write lab reports, including prelab questions, experiments and data analysis.
Also, students have senior projects in senior level, they design, build, write a report, and make a presentation end of the year.

Context for Use

The topics will be covered in this project are in sophomore-level of Electrical Circuits in Electrical and Computer engineering (ECE). Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, and Aerospace engineering programs covers the same subjects
Our class size in engineering is 32 students and has multiple sections in each semester. ECE has over 1,000 undergraduate students. All Engineering program has more than 5,500 students. Our University's motto is "Learn by Doing." Each class has a lab related and students exercise and practices in the related subjects. MATLAB has been using for Virtual Lab during this pandemic.

Students takes programming class in freshmen level. We include MATLAB examples and exercises engineering courses and labs. Students learn MATLAB piece by piece in each course and lab.

Description and Teaching Materials

Parallel RLC circuit exercises and Fourier Series example is attached
Step Response of PArallel RLC Circuits (Acrobat (PDF) 658kB Sep11 20) 
Fourier Series (Acrobat (PDF) 312kB Sep11 20)

Teaching Notes and Tips

Using Live Script file to show all explanations, equations, codes, solutions, and plot together to make problem solution more clear. Students don't need to spend more time for calculations, MATLAB can handle it. Not only that, it is easy to make simulation using different values such as slider


I provide some exercise problem in MATLAB grader to test the students.

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