Resources for Teaching with an Earth History Approach

Initial Publication Date: August 30, 2006
I have attempted to show that the geological record is extremely imperfect; that only a small portion of the globe has been geologically explored with care; that only certain classes of organic beings have been largely preserved in a fossil state; that the number both of specimens and of species, preserved in our museums, is absolutely as nothing compared with the number of generations which must have passed away even during a single formation...
- Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, 1859
Bookshelf with some print resources and toy trilobites

The following annotated links lists deal with Earth history in general:

  • General Web Resources: museum/information pages, free publications, free Earth history graphics, data resources, and links lists
  • Print Resources:
  • Activities: Earth history projects that can be done in class or a lab or out in the field from other Starting Point modules.
  • Earth History Courses: course pages with syllabi from different kinds of courses using Earth history approaches

Resources for specific topics

The following pages have their own resource collections, all of them web sites unless specified otherwise: