How to use Calibrated Peer Review™

Initial Publication Date: September 20, 2008
Calibrated Peer Review comprises an integrated set of network tools that manages the submission and evaluation of written student work. As in traditional classes, in classes using CPR, students begin an assignment by composing a document based on an instructor's guidelines. Rather than turning in a printed paper, however, the written work is submitted electronically. After the students submit their work, the CPR program guides them through peer reviewing and then they receive detailed feedback on their evaluation skills. They evaluate their peers' work in a double-blind anonymous process to ensure privacy. None of the work, however, is anonymous to the instructor. Throughout an assignment the instructor has access to all student work and can monitor and assess class and individual student progress In the background, CPR prepares an instructor's report, which yields detailed information about class and individual performance. The instructor can view any document and any review; he or she can re-evaluate any student's work.
Flow chart for Calibrated Peer Review assignments
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