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Internet Resources

Communication across the Curriculum at LSU

As the first program of its kind in the nation, Communication across the Curriculum works with LSU faculty to train, guide, and recognize students who demonstrate exceptional communication skills. CxC is focused on enhancing learning experiences for students and improving their written, spoken, visual presentation, and technological communication skills.

CxC offers faculty development workshops and curricula design resources to faculty who incorporate communication-intensive components to their courses; operate communication studios that support students with communication-based projects; and honor students who excel in communication via the LSU Distinguished Communicator certification program.

LSU is known for its rigorous academics, and now, LSU graduates are not only masters of their discipline but also skilled leaders and experts in communication.

The International Network of Writing-across-the Curriculum Programs (INWAC) Website

"Supporting Scholarly Exchange about Communication across the Curriculum"

The International Network of Writing-across-the Curriculum Programs (INWAC) is an informal community of teachers, researchers, and institutions. All of us are involved in some way with the development of writing across the curriculum (WAC) and in disciplines (WID) locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. As of November 2006, INWAC is partnering with the WAC Clearinghouse to support individuals and programs around the world with the following:

  • an online forum for ideas, issues, and practices related to WAC and WID
  • access to new and previously-published books and articles
  • a database of member-authored information about WAC/WID activities, projects, and programs at sites around the world
  • annual meetings at which members can come together to discuss and share concerns and practices
  • a directory of consultants in WAC/WID

"The Science of Scientific Writing," American Scientist, George Gopen & Judith Swan

"If the reader is to grasp what the writer means, the writer must understand what the reader needs"

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