Cases in an International Trade Course

Michael Hemesath, Carleton College
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This material was originally created for Starting Point: Teaching Economics
and is replicated here as part of the SERC Pedagogic Service.


I begin the international trade course with the usual exploration of trade theory. The course concludes with a section using cases to explore the real world implications of international trade.

Learning Goals

1. Apply trade theory to real world situations.
2. Use oral skills to present arguments.
3. Listen to and interact with peers orally.

Context for Use

These cases can be used in a typical international trade class. Our course assumes prerequisites of principles of micro and macro economics.

Description and Teaching Materials

International Course Syllabus (Microsoft Word 71kB Apr6 09)

Teaching Notes and Tips


After students are exposed to cases in class, they are asked to write a paper that analyzes a case.

References and Resources

Cases are available through a variety of public policy schools (i.e. the Kennedy School of Government) or business schools (i.e. the Harvard Business School).