Mitchell Bender-Awalt

Geoscience Assistant

Science Education Resource Center - Carleton College

I have been a part of the SERC web team since the fall of 2017. As a Geoscience Assistant, I am involved in developing and maintaining web content, supporting webinars and workshops, and participating in education research and evaluation projects.


I joined the SERC web team in the fall of 2017 after working as an adjunct instructor in the Geology Department at the University of St. Thomas. There, I discovered a passion for geoscience education. I found that as an instructor it was very easy to lecture, but much more difficult to develop content that engages students in active learning. I used resources through the SERC website to enhance my teaching, and decided I wanted to be more involved in disseminating ideas and information to instructors like myself.

My background in earth science is focused on structural geology and metamorphic petrology. I am interested in the interactions between oceanic and continental lithosphere at collisional plate boundaries, and how subducted (and consequently metamorphosed/deformed) oceanic lithosphere can be used to track the evolution of these regions.


  • M.S. Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN, 2016
    • Petrogenesis of metaophiolitic granulites from SE Anatolia
  • B.A. Geology, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN, 2013
    • Petrology and pseudosection modeling of a garnet-blueschist block-in-melange, Santa Catalina Island, California

About Me

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I first came to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to attend college at Macalester. When I'm not working, I prefer to spend my time outdoors. Backpacking, canoeing, and climbing are some of my favorite ways to explore the world around me. I also dabble in digital and film photography.