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Carol Ormand, SERC, Carleton College
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published Apr 17, 2017

The InTeGrate project, funded by the National Science Foundation, "supports the teaching of geoscience in the context of societal issues both within geoscience courses and across the undergraduate curriculum." While the project's goal is "to develop a citizenry and workforce that can address environmental and resource issues facing our society," the curricular materials developed by this project also lend themselves to other important goals, including those of the SAGE 2YC project. That is, they can be used to support the academic success of all students, facilitate the professional pathways of geoscience students, and broaden participation in the geosciences.

InTeGrate teaching materials support the academic success of all students through pedagogic practices, including:

The InTeGrate project has materials about designing geoscience programs that facilitate the professional pathways of geoscience students by, among other strategies,

Finally, InTeGrate also includes a focus on broadening participation in the STEM disciplines, including geoscience. Highlighted strategies include

  • Attracting students to STEM by focusing on environmental justice issues, civic engagement, urban issues, and sustainability
  • Supporting the whole student: "building a sense of community for the students in the program, developing students' inner drive and motivation to succeed, and providing students with the necessary academic support for them to be successful"

InTeGrate modules and courses span a wide range of topics in the geosciences; you can find a full list of them here: InTeGrate Teaching Materials. Of special interest to SAGE Musings readers, several of these modules are co-authored by SAGE 2YC faculty Change Agents:

Which InTeGrate materials are you using in your classes? Which materials are you interested in using in the future? How do they fit into your courses?

SAGE Musings: Resources from InTeGrate -- Discussion  

To my Fellow Agents of Change:
Here is my plug to strongly encourage you to check out InTeGrate.
I have been involved with InTeGrate from its beginning (5 years ago) as a member of the Leadership Team. My role has been to ensure that the unique concerns and needs of 2YC institutions are incorporated into all things InTeGrate. I have used many of the InTeGrate activities in my classes from several of the modules (Climate of Change, Living on The Edge, A Growing Concern, Human's Dependence on Mineral Resources, Map Your Hazards, and Natural Hazards and Risks: Hurricanes.) I am a member of a research team involving faculty who replaced about half of their class's lecture or lab activities with InTeGrate activities. I also created a 20-minute video on how to teach the Climate of Change module that is available on the website and which I encourage you to watch if you know nothing about InTeGrate. It's a good place to start.
As indicated by Carol in her message, there are also a ton of webpages and recorded webinars that are devoted to many topics that are of interest to folks involved in SAGE2YC. I am happy to answer any questions about this incredibly fertile resource, although I will say I am still discovering new things at the website all the time.
Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman


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