Research on learning has many important lessons that can improve teaching in the geosciences. This site brings together resources for faculty, teachers and curriculum developers working in the geosciences including

Related Resources

  • Earth and Mind: the Blog - This blog has been created with the goal of stirring up discussion of ideas, questions, discoveries and controversies related to how people think and learn about the Earth and environment. The blog is brought to you by the same researchers behind the Synthesis of Research on Thinking and Learning in the Geosciences project.
  • Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn about the Earth
    Edited by Cathryn Manduca and David Mogk, this volume brings together essays by geoscientists, cognitive scientists, and educators that explore how expert geoscientists learn about the Earth and the implications for student learning.
  • Earth and Mind II: A Synthesis of Research on Thinking and Learning in the Geosciences
    This volume explores the distinctive ways in which geoscientists use the human senses and mind to perceive, analyze, and explain the workings of the Earth system, and then builds on those insights to suggest how to help students master the thought processes of the geosciences. The book is arranged into four main sections, Time, Space, Systems, and Field, each including three sub-sections: an introduction by the editors, a thematic paper by experts in the each particular area, and several commentaries on the theme.

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