About this Project

Bringing Research on Learning to the Geosciences aggregates resources collected and developed for and in response to the 2002 NSF/Johnson Foundation Workshop: Bringing Research on Learning to the Geosciences. The website seeks to further the conversations that were begun at the workshop regarding areas where learning scientists and geoscientists have complementary interests and expertise:

  • development of geoscience learning goals;
  • understanding vast and minute spatial and temporal scales;
  • teaching and learning about complex systems;
  • representation and visualization of multidimensional data;
  • interaction of observation, theory, modeling, and experiment in geoscience methodology;
  • and application of pedagogical models to teaching in the geosciences.

The Principle Investigators for this project are Cathy Manduca (Carleton College), Dave Mogk (Montana State University), and Neil Stillings (Hampshire College). The project is supported with funds from the National Science Foundation (Grant # 0213065).


Workshop Report (Acrobat (PDF) 879kB Mar9 04)
Results in Poster Format (Acrobat (PDF) 2.1MB Jan29 04)

Contributing to the Project

Community members can contribute references for our annotated bibliography or let us know about projects and researchers that should be added to our list of ongoing work addressing research on learning in the geosciences. Simply visit our contribution form to send us your recommendations.

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