Montana Aerial Photo Collection

Aerial photo of the beaverhead river in Montana. Details

This photo collection is provided courtesy of Dr. William Bowen, California Geological Survey. It includes aerial images of significant structural features in western Montana.

General Western Montana Collection

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Beaverhead River Valley South

Bridger Range South

Castle Mountains SW

Chinese Wall North
This panorama looks due north up the spine of the Chinese Wall, which defines the continental divide between the drainages of the White River to the west and the Sun River to the east. Glacier National Park is situated in the upper left distance.

Crowsnest Pass South
This panorama looks south over the Rocky Mountains along the Alberta - British Columbia border. Crowsnest Pass lies in the middle of the image, at the head of the Crowsnest River. Grave Lake is situated just to the right (west) of the image's bottom center. On the right side, the Elk River flows southward to Kootenay River and Lake Koocanusa. Flathead Lake may be seen in the far center distance.

Flathead Lake Northeast
This panorama looks northeast over Flathead Lake towards Glacier National Park. The Mission Range forms the eastern shore of the lake.

Flathead Lake and Valley Northwest

McCartney Mountain East/Northeast
This panorama looks toward the east. The glaciated valleys of the Pioneer Mountains lay be seen in the lower left, the isolated uplift of McCartney Mountain in the center with an apparent fault scarp behind it, Ennis Lake in the right distance, and Bozeman near the top center of the image.

Tobacco Root Mountains North

Glacier-Sawtooth Region Collection

Chief Mountain South

Glacier National Park East

Glacier National Park Southeast

Lake Sherburne South

Little Chief Mountain South

Logan Pass South

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Special thanks to Dr. Bowen for use of these images.