Part 3 - Create a single Excel file containing the downloaded data

Step 1 - Open the data from the first downloaded file in Excel

Start Excel, and open one of the downloaded files which should have a .csv extension. Save the file as a Microsoft Excel file by naming it "file_1.xls". Next, create two new worksheets in this file. Keep this file open for Step 3.

Step 2 - Import your other two downloaded data files in Excel

Repeat Step 1 for the other two downloaded files, and rename as "file_2.xls" and "file_3.xls". Keep these files open for the next step.

Step 3 - Combine the three Excel files into a single file

file_3.xls should now be open. Click on "Select All" from the file menu to highlight all the data, then "Copy". Activate the window for file_1.xls, open one of the blank worksheets, and paste the data from file_2.xls into file_1.xls. Repeat these steps to copy the data from file_3.xls into file_1.xls.

Step 4 - Rename the new composite file

Give file_1.xls a different name to better describe its new contents.