Step-by-step instructions

The instructions for this exercise have 5 main parts. Click each part name to see the steps in that part.

The instructions for this activity and the accompanying screenshots were developed using a Macintosh computer (OS X), the Firefox web browser, and Excel 2004 for Mac. You will notice some differences if you are working on a computer that uses a Windows operating system.

Part 1 - Download the data

Download and save analyses of igneous rocks from a variety of geographic locations and plate tectonic settings.

Part 2 - Create a single Excel file containing the downloaded data

Format and combine your data into a single Excel file.

Part 3 - Graph your data

Graph your data to highlight petrologic trends.

Part 4 - Compare samples from the same tectonic setting

Compare and contrast compositions of igneous rocks from the same tectonic setting

Part 5 - Compare samples from different tectonic settings

Compare and contrast the compositions of igneous rocks from different tectonic settings.