Part 1 - Download the data

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  1. Before starting this exercise, you (or members of your group) will have been assigned one of the following geological settings to study: Oceanic Plateaus, Convergent Margins(Subduction Zones), Ocean Islands, or Submarine Ridges (Mid-Ocean Ridges).
  2. Go to the GEOROC database (more info) homepage. Enter the database and click on the "Geological Setting" link.
  3. Select the geological setting assigned to your group.
  4. Select one of the locations from the list that appears. Follow the instructions below to download rock analyses from this location.
  5. Do not further constrain the location, and select "continue".
  6. Narrow your search by "rock type" and "type of material".
  7. Constrain your query by selecting only whole-rock data from volcanic and plutonic rocks. If "volcanic rock" is not listed adjacent to "igneous rock" on the left window, click on "volcanic rock", then hold down the cmd-key while you click on "igneous rock". If your location does not have data for both volcanic and plutonic rocks, select the type of data that exists for that location.
  8. Select all major element, trace element, and rare earth element data.
  9. Choose the "standard output" option and click "Download".
  10. Download the data to your computer.
Repeat these steps to download data from two additional locations for your assigned tectonic setting.