Download the Data for Viewing in XtalDraw

Follow these step-by-step instructions for downloading the olivine structure data determined from experiments ranging from 110 to 1250 °C.
  1. Go to the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database and enter the following data into the search interface.

  2. Click on Chemistry Search to bring up a periodic table of the elements. Choose the elements Mg, Fe, Si, and O to restrict your search to members of the forsterite ((Mg2SiO4) - fayalite (Fe2SiO4) solid solution.

  3. Click on Exclude Others to restrict your search to the elements you selected. The table should now look like this...

  4. Click on Search Selected Elements to return to the main search interface. Choose to download the data in "amc" format. The search interface should now look like this...

  5. Click on Search. A new page containing 18 files should now open. The first record should look like this...

  6. Scroll through the list, noting the temperature at which each structure was determined.
    • To download each file separately to your computer, click on each of the 18 hotlinked "Olivine"'s one after the other.
    • To download all of the files together, click on Select All followed by Process Selected Data at the bottom of the page.

      Next, click on the hotlinked

      to download the data.